Fly Lo x Mad Clip - LDN (Official Music Video)

Mad House Records
Mad House Records
Δημοσιεύθηκε στις 29.01.2021

FLY LO x Mad Clip - LDN
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Lyrics By - FLY LO, Mad Clip
Produced by - MoLow Beats
Studio Recorded - Jam2studios
Mixed and Mastered by - Betaf

Production Companies- Mad House Productions , 667 Productions
Director- George Mpenioudakis
Director of Photography- Evan Maragkoudakis
1 AC- Orfeas Kalafatis
Production Manager- Christos H
Production Manager for Madhouse Records- Ju Stamatakis
Production Assistant for Madhouse Records- Sophie Theodora Giltizi
Production Assistant- Koralia Dogani
Production Assistant- George Talianis
Electrician- Vaggelis Kalavretinos
Electrician Assistant- Nef Lagkou
Stunt Coordinator- Georgia Lianeri
Editing- George Labrinidis
Color Grading- Andrew Gordeev

Ninos Nikolaidis, Harris Nez, Manos Koulimpis, Manolo STC, Giannis Oumoudoumidis, Aris Panagiotakopoulos, Tenzo Clinton, Keys Clinton

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