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Mix/Master: Ermis Geragidis
Composition: Ermis Geragidis
Songwriter: good job nicky
Performed by: good job nicky

Clothes selection all by Slam Jam |

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Director: Alexander Stamatiadis
Supervisor: Michalis Papanikolaou
DoP: Angelos Apergis
Prod.manager: Andreas Katsenis
Prod. assistant: Kostis Marinis
AC: Nikos Karouzos
Camera Operator: Leonidas Michelopoulos
Gaffer: Thanos Gogas
Styling: Maria Troumpouki
Styling Assistant: Varvara Mouratidou
MUA: Maria Vez
Set photographer: Giannis Androulakis
Equipment - Arctos Rental

Special thanks to Orfeas Antoulinakis.

Starring good job nicky & Hercules Tsuzinov


Come Home (lyrics)
Lately I’ve been dying to try
Lately all I crave is mine

But I’ve known the hardest of times
And I’ve seen the sharpest of knives turned to stone

I’ve been dishonest I’m lying
I have no reason to grow

Take me away
Take me away from this place I call home
Take me away I need space I need warmth

Momma I’ve been dreaming bout this place for so long
Momma where my days are celebrated through song
Come rain come fear come home

Told you I don’t worry too much
about the nights you stole from me
About the smiles you took
All the pain you caused

We all fall down
but who has the time
to dive into it
Deep below submerged
silence fills the edge

Take me home


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